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Oh Soul you must love Maka that much

Oh Soul you must love Maka that much

For Wodlazz P4 by Miyaow on DeviantArt

(if Wodlazz tells me to or if there are enuf requests, comments, etc. There will be smuuuut I feel grand P.

Soul Eater Not! 15 Page 10

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SoulxMaka Moment? by ScreamxStrawberries

I just find this a reallyreallyreally cute scene *-* cus i see it like she wants him to call her angel?Ox does for Kim.


Final installment to answered prayer!

Tenten!!! DX Uwaa i'm crying now! T^T

AHHHHH THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL even though i don't ship some of them. i wish there was lee, kiba, and shino with tenten so she wouldn't be lonely. And is that itachi throwing flowers from the sky at sakura and susuke?