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Suits tie us, make slaves." Las personas exitosas no son las que visten de saco y corbata. Las personas exitosas son las que se visten como quieren, porque pueden hacerlo." Alex Kea

I picked this image because it expresses how the man in the picture is bondaged by his work. His neck tie is a noose instead of the traditional neck tie which symbolizes his work killing him. Click and learn. I amazed my friend with these new tricks! Anyone can do this. learn photography bucket list . Im glad I tried this. Click and learn.

Elena molly Portrait - Fashion - Glam - Editorial - Black and White - Photography - Pose Idea inspiration for Elena Molly Murgu Shooting by Marco Pagni

Fantastic, Wow & Cool! <3 this!! #goth #couple #gothic

spookyloop: Vogue Germany October Story: “Wellen”Photographer: Karl LagerfeldFashion Editor: Christiane ArpModels: Claudia Schiffer and others Epic- Thanks Karl!

Tilo Wolff. <3

Sole goth/deathrocker in Arkansas. Deathrock/Post-punk/Darkwave/goth wave/Anarcho/I think you get it.