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Iceland is a bucket list destination for many. If you are planning to travel to Iceland or a road trip to Iceland here are the top things not to do in Iceland Things to avoid in Iceland

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While we’re all at home in quarantine, dreaming about all the places we’ll go once this pandemic is over, I thought I’d bring the world a bit closer to us by sharing each country’s national dish or popular cuisine along with a recipe from each country so you can try your hand at cooking it at home!
How to spend three culturally-filled days in Vienna, including where to find the best Wienerschnitzel, the most colorful house in Austria, and what NOT to eat!
Don't forget to add the Hellbrunn Palace trick fountains to your list of things to do in Salzburg, Austria. A guided tour of the palace grounds will have you laughing and dodging streams of water as you follow in the footsteps of the trickster Prince-Archbishop who designed them. #Salzburg #Austria #Hellbrunn #Palace #Europe #Travel #Wanderlust #TravelTips

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Each night since 1928 at 8pm, the Last Post ceremony is conducted at the Menin Gate.  It is truly a special event to be part of.
It’s a sombre site.  The largest Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in the world, it has almost 12,000 graves.  Sadly, 8,374 of these sites are for Unknown Soldiers.  Soldiers who were not able to be identified and therefore not given a proper burial.  Soldiers whose parents and family were not able to say goodbye properly.
Family road trip from Belgium to France with @aeurope - We stop at Durbuy, Belgium, Strasbourg, France and Lyon, France. This is the last of a 3 part travel story about our European Road Trip

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After exploring much of the country of Croatia, Split felt very much like home to us. In this blog post I'll explain why Split is such a great destination for traveling digital nomads.
Montenegro, a beautiful gem in the Balkans, is often overlooked by its more popular neighbor to the North (Croatia), but Montenegro should absolutely be on your next travel bucket list! With beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters, a swimmable sea and bay, delicious food, and inexpensive prices, Montenegro captured our hearts from the moment we arrived.
A comprehensive guide on how to visit the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, including how to pack, when to visit, how to get there, how much it costs, and where to take the best Instagram photos.

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While we’re all at home in quarantine, dreaming about all the places we’ll go once this pandemic is over, I thought I’d bring the world a bit closer to us by sharing each country’s national dish or popular cuisine along with a recipe from each country so you can try your hand at cooking it at home!
If you're seeking pristine beaches, warm waters and stunning seaside towns along the Côte d’Azur, then look no further as we discover the best beaches in Southern France and help you decide which spot will be right for you. #beaches #southfrance
10 things you will need in paris | tips and tricks for visiting paris | where to go in paris | packing list for paris travelers | bucket list locations for paris | mistakes to avoid in paris | clothing options for paris | what to wear in paris | what to bring to paris | where to stay in #paris #traveltips

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When you think of Munich, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the world famous, Oktoberfest, the annual beer and folk festival, but the city has much more to offer. A fascinating history, splendid art and architecture, museums and castles, and some delicious food and drink, there is plenty to keep any avid visitor occupied. Here is a guide to Munich in two days - a 2-day Munich itinerary.
A guide to the best things to do in Nuremberg, Germany. From the WWII history in the Nuremberg Trial coutroom and Rally Grounds, to the medieval history of the Nuremberg Castle and the Holy Roman Empire, to the art of Albrecht Durer, this guide to things to do in Nuremberg has you covered!
Whether you have only 1 day in Berlin, 2 days in Berlin, or want to take some day trips from Berlin, this Berlin itinerary has all the major landmarks and historical sites covered! #Germany #Berlin #EuropeTravelTips

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There are so many fun things to do in Amsterdam and the canals are just one of them! This gorgeous city features over 50 miles of manmade canals with over 1500 bridges crossing over them. #AVENLYLANETRAVEL #AVENLYLANE #netherlands #amsterdam #beautifulplaces #travelinspiration #europe
Cool and unusual things to do in The Hague. If you're in search of some new Europe travel ideas for your next break, look no further than the cool city of The Hague in Holland for a variety of quirky things to do from cultural sights to picturesque spots. #DiscoverHolland
Your one-stop quick guide to everything you must see, do, eat and drink in Amsterdam, The Netherlands #Amsterdam #Netherlands #travel

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While we’re all at home in quarantine, dreaming about all the places we’ll go once this pandemic is over, I thought I’d bring the world a bit closer to us by sharing each country’s national dish or popular cuisine along with a recipe from each country so you can try your hand at cooking it at home!
the best islands near Athens- - islands close to Athens
A comprehensive guide on how to visit Meteora in inland mainland Greece, including cost, best times to visit, regional Greek cuisine, and where to hike in the area.

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The Republic of Ireland is a beautiful country filled with cultural diversity, green sloping cliffs, immaculate houses and delicious food. In this blog post I outline a detailed itinerary for the perfect 8-day road trip. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
What to do in Galway Ireland, Galway Ireland things to do in, Galway Ireland photography, Galway city, Galway Ireland food, Galway travel, Galway travel guide, Galway travel poster, Ireland travel Galway, travel from Dublin to Galway, Ireland travel Galway beautiful places, Ireland travel Galway Dublin, #ireland #europe
Dublin, the capital city of Ireland is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It contains what most people expect to find in Ireland, culture, history and plenty of friendly locals.  Find out how to spend 2 days in Dublin - best places to visit and best things to do. I Dublin itinerary I Dublin, Ireland

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Luxembourg City Travel | Luxembourg City Old Town | Luxembourg City beautiful Places - The top things to do in Luxembourg City Old town on a walking tour - Bock Casemates, Europe’s Most Beautiful Balcony on a day trip from Paris.
Luxembourg Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do In Luxembourg  #luxembourg #europe #travel #luxembourgcity #travelguide #adventure | Luxembourg Travel Guide | Luxembourg Attractions | What To Do In Luxembourg | Beautiful Places In Luxembourg | Luxembourg | Luxembourg Highlights | Places To Visit In Luxembourg | City Breaks In Europe | European Capitals | Luxembourg Travel | Luxembourg Vacation | Hiking In Europe
Most magical castles of Luxembourg. #travelphotography #castles #luxembourg #travel #luxembourgmta

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A day trip from Malta to Gozo: things to do in Gozo & itinerary
Planning a trip to the beautiful city of Malta? Check out this first-timer's guide to Malta that includes all the top things to do in Malta, places to go in Malta, places to see in Malta, what to see in Malta, and places to stay in Malta. Save this Malta travel guide in your travel board so you'll find it later! #Malta #Europe #travel #travelblog
an Architect Abroad / 3 Day Guide to Malta - an Architect Abroad

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Monaco is one of those countries which is visited for the glamour, the nightlife, the boats, chilling out by the sea whilst sipping a glass of the local bubbly but for me it was a chance to walk the whole length of a country and check out the local sights at the same time. What’s that you say? A whole length of a country? Yes, with all the stops etc, I walked the whole length in about five hours but if I did it non-stop, the walk would have taken me about one hour and thirty minutes
The Principality of Monaco is known as a playground for rich and famous but this small country on the French Riviera is also worth visiting by regular travellers!
monte carlo casino garden, Monaco

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While we’re all at home in quarantine, dreaming about all the places we’ll go once this pandemic is over, I thought I’d bring the world a bit closer to us by sharing each country’s national dish or popular cuisine along with a recipe from each country so you can try your hand at cooking it at home!
Check out our 50 UK Bucket List Ideas for your England Trip! We have compiled a list that will send you all across the country to Bristol, Somerset, London, the Countryside, Bath, Stratford, and more. #england #uktravel #unitedkingdom #greatbritain #bucketlist
Edinburgh, Scotland is a small city packed with experiences. From exploring the rich Scottish heritage to following in the footsteps of inventors, artists, and writers, Edinburgh has plenty of things to see and do. I recently spent three days in Edinburgh and explored much of the city. I also took a day trip, which I recommend everyone with at least three days in Edinburgh do, as you get the chance to see the beautiful Scottish countryside. Here is what I did with my three days in Edinburgh.

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After spending three weeks living in the Beyoglu area of Istanbul, I've put together this awesome comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Istanbul, Turkey, including where to eat, where to stay, neighborhoods to visit, scams to watch out for, and top sights!
Get your Travel Guide to Trabzon, Turkey located in the Black Sea region of Northeastern Turkey. Find out where to go, what to do and the best local cuisine to try! | Travel Guide | Trabzon | Turkey #Trabzon
Ephesus is an ancient city listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It's located in the beautiful Aegean region of western Turkey. Spend the day exploring ruins and the evening hanging out in the quaint Turkish village Şirince! | Ephesus Turkey | Travel Tips

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Visiting Ksiaz Castle in Poland is like stepping into a real-life fairytale castle in Europe!
Looking for offbeat, less touristy, hidden gems in Krakow, Poland? Then do read this offbeat guide to 3 days in Krakow with details on where to find off kilter gems in dining, attractions, sightseeing, art and a crazy, fun offbeat day tour. Pin it to your Europe board now! #Krakow #Poland #Europe #easternEurope
5 Fun ideas to spend 48 hours in Poznan, Poland! From beer to SPA, castles and a unique park

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The Algarve has been a long-time favorite of British travelers seeking sun and beautiful sea. This summer we checked it out for two weeks and it was beautiful! We were surprised by how cold the water was, though! Here are 10 beautiful sights to see in Southern Portugal, including hiking and swimming holes.
Porto was one of the highlights of our two months in the wonderful country of Portugal. This dynamic city surrounded by water, delicious Port and friendly locals, is a recent tourist gem, and should be on your Portugal bucket list! In this post I detail the top 16 things to do in Porto, plus 3 awesome day trips, where to eat, and other local tips.
After spending one month in Lisbon, we had plenty of time to explore all the wonderful cafes! Here are our top 7!

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The 20 best things to do in Scotland. This Scotland travel guide will show you all the top tourist attractions and points of interest in Scotland | All the best places to visit in Scotland. Plan your perfect Scotland itinerary  #travel #scotland #traveltips #travelguide
The White Tower of Taymouth Castle - a romantic and private luxury self catering retreat on Loch Tay in Scotland #luxury #selfcatering #scotland #lochtay #castle #highlands
10 Things You Didn't Know About the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Prskalo Waterfall, Serbia.  Prskalo is a unique waterfall situated in the Kucaj mountains of eastern Serbia.
Don't get ripped of Belgrade. Read these top five Belgrade survival tips before you travel.
Canyon Throat - Rosomačka River,  #Serbia

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Sevilla is a place where the siesta culture is real, and gazpacho and tapas are a way of life. Whether you visit in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, Sevilla will delight you with its beautiful architecture, lovely old town, and beautiful flamenco.
Barcelona is filled with artistic awe-inspiring architecture, incredible tapas and late nights dancing and eating with friends until 2AM. Get ready for eating supper at 11PM nightly! Barcelona is a Spanish capital filled with life and excitement.
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is already worth the wait for the near 100 years it's taking to complete it. The work of Antoni Gaudi is, as always, unique and eye-catching from the outside, but the interior of this stunning basilica is where the kaleidoscope magic happens.

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Non Ski activities across the Portes du Soleil - MelbTravel
Waterfall Walkway, St. Beatus Caves, Switzerland
5 spectacular things to do in Bern, Switzerland. Places to visit in Bern. How to see Bern in one day. #Bern #Switzerland #Itinerary #TravelGuide #Travel #CityBreak #CityGuide

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Puglia is located in the "heel of the boot" of Southern Italy, and is polar opposite in every way, from Northern Italy. To this day, Puglia is still more of a "local's Italy" and has not yet gained tourism limelight like the North has, but I won't be surprised if within the next few years, Puglia will be the next hot spot! Find out why we loved the off-the-beaten-path Italy.
After one year of living and working remotely abroad as digital nomads and business owners, I have put together this comprehensive guide on 25 practical and useful tips for digital nomads working all around the world, chalk-full of info on how to be ergonomic whilst working abroad, our favorite laptop stands, helpful apps to download, and much more.
Ciao! Everybody falls in love in Italy; a vastly diverse destination from the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites in the North to the sparkling seas of Puglia in the South. After spending a cumulative total of two months in Italy, I've come up with 40 (I've since added an extra five tips!) things you should know before traveling in Italy, to make the most of your holiday and avoid any faux pas.

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