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Oh my goodness. I just informed Matt that I want this. My mama pod.
Grønne gemmesteder til små spirer - Boligliv
cute outdoor bedroom, but is it portable?
Unwind in your backyard with this cozy DIY outdoor cabana lounge!
The back corner of my garden has been an eyesore ever since we had to remove our raised vegetable bed (due to a very annoying vermin issue!). We've tossed around many ideas for the small footprint, from building a tiny greenhouse, to a raised pallet deck. We've even considered a small deck surrounding a hot tub! With no clear vision in sight, I hit my garden design books, magazines and saved Pinterest images to hatch an idea so I won't have to spend another summer staring at the empty pile…
I want to do this..!!!!
Pallet Garden Deck with railings
terraço com paletes
Grønne gemmesteder til små spirer - Boligliv
Green Roof Shed at Chasewater, Innovation Centre, Brownhills, Staffordshire UK. Photo: Garden Shed by Thislefield Plants Design - Gardens For Life