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an alarm clock in the palm of someone's hand, with the time displayed
Automatic Soap Dispenser Foaming Hand Free Wall Mount Foam Rechargeable Soap Dispenser Touchless Soap Dispenser Smart Electric Wall Auto Dish Soap Dispenser for Bathroom, Kitchen, Commercia
a living room with a fireplace, tv and flowers on the table in front of it
Simple European Farmhouse Barn Beam Fireplace Mantel Makeover
a bedroom with pink walls and white bedding in the corner, next to a yellow chair
How to DIY Built In Bunkbeds
a woman sitting on top of a set of stairs in front of a window next to a ladder
How to DIY Built In Bunkbeds
a man laying on top of a wooden bed frame in a room next to a window
How to DIY Built In Bunkbeds
there is a cat sitting next to a basket with flowers in it on the wall
a close up of a toothbrush holder on a wall mounted toilet paper dispenser
a close up of a rug on a wooden floor with a piece of wood in the middle
I'm sure at one point or another we have all experienced the frustration that comes along with curled up carpet corners. Not only do they pose a safety hazard with regard to tripping, they also look unsightly.I have tried so many “hacks” to try to get this one corner on my area rug to stay down, and while they work for a brief amount of time, the corner always seems to lift its way back up.Upon doing some research on how to get this rug to lay flat, I came across a product that you sti…
a wooden table with two vases on it and a rug in front of it
Mercury Row® Etna 45" Round Dining Table With Black Metal Base | Wayfair
a small tree with green leaves in a pot on a white background and a round mirror above it
Artificial Plant 43.3 Inch Green Branches Leaf Shop Garden Office Home Decoration (6 pcs)