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Times Square Winter Warning! 😳
an aerial view of the beach and cliffs on a foggy day in wintertime
Freebies: 50+ Aesthetic & Minimal Wallpapers
Freebies: 50+ Aesthetic & Minimal Wallpapers
a very tall building with a clock on it's side in front of a blue sky
Pin on Wallpapers
an apartment building with plants growing on the roof
Kitashinjuku(2010.6.6) - 02
a stairwell with graffiti on the walls and stairs
an underground tunnel with stairs leading up to the exit and text that reads, to bem first
Aesthetics - ☆t e n☆
a subway station with benches and lights on the side of the train tracks at night
Wattpatt Kapak Önerileri
graffiti written on the side of a bus stop window in front of a map and subway sign
an abandoned building with graffiti all over the walls and stairs leading up to it's second floor
Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Ye Old Jails, Prisons, Stocks & Bonds pool
an alley way with lots of buildings and stairs
朗讀違章:王澍X謝英俊 建築展 2011.03.11~2011.04.17 在UrbanCore城中藝術街區 - FAM TALK
an old building lit up at night with green lights on the windows and shutters
After Hours Vol.7
After Hours Vol.7 on Behance