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the comic page for darth vader is shown in this screenshoting image
This would give me feels if I didn't find it super weird that Anakin made a protocol droid on a desert planet "to help his mom" (who was a slave) that was identical to the other assembly line protocol droids. Come on, Lucas, every single thing doesn't need to be connected here.
an image of the face of a man with eyes closed and mouth wide open, as if
a woman standing in the middle of a forest with her head turned to the side
a drawing of two people in costumes with swords and masks on their heads, facing each other
an image of two people with makeup on their faces and the words if you were my husband, i forgot your tea
two people are talking to each other on twitter
darth vader in bed with the caption that reads, i'm going to
the entire fanbasee meme is shown in two different pictures, one with glasses and
an image of two men with sunglasses on and one is looking at the other man
the comic strip shows two people talking to each other
some cartoon characters with different expressions on them
They're so sibling coded, Rex is definitely that one mom friend to have snacks on him
star wars memes with caption that reads, who would win? an order of space wizards or laser swords
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Prove your humanity
Prove your humanity
a man holding up a card with the caption i will not be your father
When the lightsaber rises
When the lightsaber rises : memes
darth vader meme with caption that reads, i am your father, brother
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an old man with a darth vader quote on his face and the caption reads, when your game unfreezes as soon as you open the task manager
a star wars character holding a light saber
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a man in armor holding two swords on a sci - fi background with red and blue lights
バスターマシン7号, BJ Ryu
a drawing of a man in armor holding a light saber and pointing to the side
two different views of the same character from star wars, one in white and one in black
Always in the middle(Abuse and Neglected Grey Jedi Male Reader x Rwby) - Info(edited)
the last scene from game of thrones with two different faces and one saying that it is
the twilight saga is shown in two different languages, with one saying that it's not
an image of two comics with one showing the same character and another saying it's not
darth vader i'm serious, i will jump his serious, i'm dad
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