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Matana Roberts: ‘I feel sorry for George Zimmerman’

THE GUARDIAN (Ben Beaumont-Thomas, Jan 15)) "Matana Roberts: ‘I feel sorry for George Zimmerman’" / While she despises Trayvon Martin’s killer, Matana Roberts thinks Americans must all take responsibility for his actions. The musician talks about capturing the black struggle in sound. These are troubling times for Matana Roberts, a musician whose work explores US history and the long journey African-Americans have taken from oppression to emancipation.

love this cut/style.. but would be perfect for me if it was blonde

Every time I think I found how I'm doing my hair something pops up just as gorgeous! I'm going to be showing my stylist 8000 pictures from here lol

Loving my clients new icy blonde! Platinum blondes long layers

Doll face!!! Bronzer, strong eye makeup, defined cheek color, and bold lips!!!

Nutella Mini Pancake Kabobs

Nutella Mini Pancake Kabobs OMG!!! These look AMAZING!! TH

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long blonde hair black bow

( I dream of having a halloween ball and coming down the ssteps to meet my guest this would be amazing