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an image of a scarecrow made out of paper and yarn with words written on it
Masopust - Slaměný
Využití kartonové střiže místo slámy
a wooden table topped with lots of cut out pieces of paper
a wooden table topped with lots of cut out pieces of paper
a drawing of a horse with long manes and tail, standing in front of a white background
Klibna – tradiční masopustní maska
Klibna – tradiční masopustní maska
four pieces of wood are arranged in the shape of circles with pins attached to them
Как да си направим въртящ барабан
How to make easy spin drum
an image of people and animals with masks on their faces in front of the words happy new year
Masopust - Víra pro děti
a painting of people walking in the snow with houses and trees behind them, all dressed up
Masopust I.
a cartoon drawing of people riding on horses and holding onto a horse's head
Masopust - Víra pro děti
masopust omalovánky - Hledat Googlem
paper mache puppets are lined up on the floor with wooden sticks in front of them
Vozembouch - z krabiček od sýrů a ruliček od sáčků, naplněno hrachem
several desserts are displayed on paper doily with a sign that says masopostini hodvanii
Masopustní hostina
four different pictures with numbers and symbols for each one, including two donut holes