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two wine glasses with gold and white ornaments on them next to one glass filled with champagne
Meine grüne Wiese
Table setting // New years decoration
black and gold banner with glitter letters on it sitting on a wooden table in front of a wood floor
DIY Happy New Year Garland - Vicky Barone
DIY Happy New Year Garland
three different types of knitting needles with yarn and thread in the shape of flowers on them
How to embroider woven flowers - flower embroidery day 1
Flower embroidery day 1: the round flower
a close up of a embroidery on a table with scissors and yarn next to it
Embroidered Bouquet
Stitch this cute little bouquet in a 4" hoop using some basic embroidery stitches.
an intricately designed blue cloth with silver designs on it
いいね!8,461件、コメント36件 ― YUMIKO HIGUCHIさん(@yumikohiguchi)のInstagramアカウント: 「今月のミセス連載は、魚の群れです。 簡単なので沢山刺せますよ 一匹だけ色を変えてスイミー(絵本)のようにするのもオススメです。 #樋口愉美子の季節のステッチ #ミセス #連載 #模様…」
the embroidery pattern has been made with flowers and leaves
several different pictures of flowers and leaves on white paper, with green stems in the middle
Sew & Saunders' Embroidery Pays Homage to Leaves
In Sew & Saunders' embroidery, the greenery are the stars of the hoop. There's a variety, from broad leaves to tiny buds, all that are an homage to nature.
three different images of hand embroiderys on white and blue fabric, each with flowers in the middle
Delicate Hoop Art Embroidery Blossoming with Floral Motifs
A brilliant combination of flowers and thread by Cinder & Honey. #etsy #embroidery
the needle has been hooked up to an orange piece of thread on top of white fabric
Wonderful pictorial reference to basic stitches and embroidery stitches. - Wonderful pictorial reference to basic and embroidery stitches.
This site is a wonderful pictorial reference to basic stitches and embroidery stitches.
a green leaf is embroidered onto a white fabric with a gold frame on the table
Botanical Plant, 6" Hand Embroidery Hoop Art
botanical plant hand embroidery hoop by tuskandtwine on Etsy
a person is holding a cross - stitch embroidery kit with flowers in a mason jar
In this post, I give step by step instructions on how to finish your beautiful embroidery hoop designs in an elegant and easy way! by @handmaidstitch
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white crop top and floral embroidery on her chest
@tessa_perlow Tessa Perlow inc on etsy
a close up of flowers on a white cloth
386 curtidas, 5 comentários - made by sara (@saramoon1211) no Instagram: “#embroiderydesign #stitching #flower #꽃도안작업#스티치”