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zuzana nikorovičová
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Sam :-)

I lost my shoe. This morning I flat-tired myself despite having pretty tight shoes on. I walked back to my dorm with my shoe half off and dragging in the snow. When I got in I just looked at my roommate with the sad moose face^

Benedict Cumberbatch. I have no words.

John Barrowman (The most fabulous man) John Simm (Master of my heart) Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlly, that little black dress looks brilliant) David Tennant (Will always be my Doctor, Doctor.

Doctor Who by Corbyn S. Kern, via Behance

Doctor Who by Corbyn S. Kern, via Behance. I really like it because there's not a large amount of fan art strictly pertaining to the Doctor's companions.

It's just time to make this happen. At least one Hiddles episode. I'm begging.

Tom Hiddleston found the TARDIS! is it Loki in disguise?) :loki uhh thor im stuck in Brittan can you get me:thor. Brother why do you get me in this stuff

Doctor Who + Disney

Tangled is my favorite Disney movie! And 10 and Rose are my favorite. "Disney Meets Doctor Who. I cannot explain to myself in a logical way how much I love this and why, but where is River?

harry potter funny - I hated that in the movie! I saw her eyes and went WHAAAAT??

They should have used colored contacts! I mean for seven years he was told he had his mothers eyes but when we see Lily in the final book they're different.And his eyes are supposed to be green,they never said he had his mother's GREEN eyes in the movie.