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😌🍨👾🔮💜✨ Smoothie layered with vanilla & blueberry chia pudding, topped with frozen blackberries💜💜 Smoothie ingredients are just frozen bananas and blueberries.

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Blueberry Smoothie Cups 😌💙💜✨ Smoothie layers topped with frozen blackberries & blueberries, chia pudding at the base💦 Smoothie made with frozen bananas, butterfly pea tea powder and blueberries.

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Smoothie Layers by 😌🌺💖🌸🥛 Paulina made these beautiful layers with Chia pudding, frozen bananas, coconut milk, strawberries & many more kinds of berries!💖💖 Love her feed so much!

These ones are filled with three layers of chia pudding: vanilla as the base, blue colored vanilla and green…