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Nina Franková

Nina Franková
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I love how they treat a test like a demon. It's evil, and hard to beat, but it ain't going to come to life and try to eat ya.

Exams will be the death of the race called "students". And even worse for Nursing students …any exam.

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Take them both----> You know what would be a great story. If you take the red pill and after a few months of living with your crushes you have to choose one to live in the anime world with forever. If you get what I mean repin.

If i had to choose one i would choose the blue because if you think about it the red pill just says they will live with u not that they will like you or love you. But if you take the blue pill you will have a better chance of getting an anime guy.

What exactly is your name my good sir?

Apparently they haven't seen Attack on Titan, Mirai Nikki, Deathnote, and so many other animes that are definitely NOT for children.