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sooooo i thought it would be interesting if we discussed some ideas for how do you guys think Steve is going to find Bucky in the next movie? Do you guys think it'll be still around DC or somewhere else? @Kiara Reyes Reyes Reyes Reyes Kalmey @Victoria Brown Brown Brown Brown Downey @Fawn Gehweiler Gehweiler Gehweiler Gehweiler Fleetfoot

The Winter Soldier. they will kill off the Steve Rodger/Chris Evans Captain America in a few years and Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan (now the winter soldier) will take his place. it happened in the comics

ABC Hair Video & Kindergarten | Babes In Hairland

Next time won't u sing with me I'm gonna try some of these on my nieces hair! Whenever I take her to my other sisters house, im the one who does her hair & she always asks me to do something unique & these are perfect for her hair