Mondlicht Tanz in flimmerflocken Schnee von gestern Segelt gespannt in Raum und Zeit Bei Kontakt, Losgelöst in Wasser Tropfen Rinnend in Bächen Am Leib empor Zu neuen Gestalten In Zukunft kristallisiert Heute ist morgen Entzückt im Raum. Die Bewegung tanzt Ein Sonnet der Zeit. ///Moon Catcher by yuumei on DeviantArt

I’ve been super busy working with the new team and preparing all the models for making Knite and Fisheye Placebo. I haven’t had time to draw at all these days. Here’s an old commission I did last year for a client. I’ll have new art to post hopefully.

Locker animation  #lockerpaper

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Forest spirit., Yonathan Saura on ArtStation at

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Do not drown in self-doubt because someone belittles you. Rise, rise, from the waters of deceit. You are beautiful. She is She is beautiful.