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This throw pillow is available in many colors,designs and sizes. For ordering a present for yourself or a friend/loved one please go to…
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colorful pillows are sitting on a white bench
Dorm Room Special Vibrant Fiesta Fusion Cover Combo | Throwpillow
Elevate your dorm room with our exclusive collection! Set includes 4 vibrant 16x16 inch square cushion covers and 1 chic 12x18 inch rectangular lumbar cover. Featuring magenta criss-cross, orange tassels, white with pink tassels, and pom pom lace designs. Crafted from premium fabric. Contact us at +91 8377881009 or email Visit our Instagram @throwpillow1 for more!
an orange and white pillow sitting on top of a table
Cama Tufted Boho Cushion Cover | Throwpillow
Elevate your space with this oversize rectangular cama tufted pillow. Bright orange and pink threads intertwine with gold sequins, forming spiritual shaman's eyes and corner tassels. Perfect for a bohemian-inspired interior. Contact us: +91 8377881009. Insta: @throwpillow1. Email:
four black and white pillows on a wooden bench
Chic Harmony Cushion Cover Combo | Throwpillow
Transform your living space with our stylish cushion cover combo featuring a charming mix of pink basketweave and black-and-white striped patterns. Crafted from premium decor fabric, each cover comes with a closure zipper for easy use. Elevate your home decor with these decorative cushion cover combos. For inquiries, contact or WhatsApp us at +91 8377881009, follow us on Instagram @throwpillow1, or email us at
a red couch with pom poms on it in front of a large window
Solid Maroon Sofa Cover with Tassels
Enhance your sofa's look with our Maroon Sofa Cover adorned with charming white and red handmade tassels. Crafted from premium decor fabric, it adds elegance to your home decor. Contact us at +91 8377881009 or email Follow us on Instagram @throwpillow1.
two pillows with green leaves on them sitting on a couch
a pink pillow sitting on top of a bed next to a book and vases
Happy Place Bohemian Embroidered Cushion Cover
A "Happy Place Bohemian Embroidered Cushion Cover with tassels, multicoloured braids and bright pom poms" is a unique and eye-catching decorative cushion cover that combines bohemian-style embroidery with various textures and colours. The tassels, braids, and pom poms add a playful and whimsical touch to the design. In interior design, a "happy place" often refers to a room or space that is designed to be welcoming, comfortable, and visually pleasing. This cushion cover can be used to bring a sense of cheer and warmth to any room and can be used as a focal point in a bohemian-inspired or eclectic decorating scheme. The multicoloured design adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to a room, making it a perfect choice for a living room, bedroom, or any other space where you want to crea
an orange pillow sitting on top of a gray couch
Orange Fringe Lace Cotton Oversize Lumbar Cover | Throwpillow
Experience ultimate comfort and style with our Orange Oversized Lumbar Cover. Hand-knotted orange fringe tassel trims add elegance to any space. Versatile for home, office, or travel. Order now for premium support and durability. Contact us at +91 8377881009 or email Follow us on Instagram @throwpillow1.
a bed with orange and pink pillows on top of it
Hot Pink Fringe Embroidered Oversized Cotton Lumbar Cover | Throwpillow
Add a touch of elegance and gracefulness to your home decor with our Hot Pink Oversized Lumbar Cover with Fringe Lace Embroidery. This stunning cushion cover is a true statement piece, featuring a bold hot pink color that symbolizes love, passion, and creativity. The fringe lace embroidery adds a unique and elegant touch, making it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their home interiors. Made from premium decor fabric with a closure zipper, this cushion cover is designed for durability and long-lasting use. Order now and transform your living space into a stylish oasis! Shop now and make a lasting impression. 🛍️ Contact or WhatsApp +91 8377881009. 📲 Insta: @throwpillow1 📧
a bed covered in lots of colorful pillows and throw blankets with pom poms
Dorm Room Delight Lumber Cover with Pom Pom with Yellow Tufting | Throwpillow
Transform your space with our captivating Lumber Cover! Elevate your interiors with enchanting white and blue pom pom accents, vibrant yellow tufting work, and elegant white tassels. Premium decor fabric ensures durability and luxurious feel. Versatile style blends seamlessly with various design themes. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or any space, it adds elegance and style. Exceptional durability ensures lasting beauty. Immerse yourself in positive energy and uplift your living space. Experience luxury, comfort, and positivity with our extraordinary Lumber Cover! Shop now and make a lasting impression. Contact or WhatsApp +91 8377881009. Insta: @throwpillow1
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a pink and white pillow sitting on top of a wooden bench
Vivid Dreams Bohemian Pom Pom, Fringes and Tassels Cushion Cover | Throwpillow
Upgrade your home decor with our Pink and White Lumbar Cover – a masterpiece adorned with handmade pom poms and charming fringes on two sides. This lumbar cover is meticulously crafted by joining cloth patches, creating a visually stunning and unique look. Made from premium decor fabric, it ensures both quality and style. The closure zipper adds practicality to its elegant design. Elevate your space effortlessly! Explore more at For inquiries, contact or WhatsApp us at +91 8377881009.
the instructions for how to make an adorable pillow with pom poms and tassels
Handmade Braided with Tassels Cushion Covers | Throwpillow
Elevate your decor with our Braided Cushion Cover Collection, featuring unique handmade braids on premium decor fabric. Each cover boasts intricate details and is adorned with charming tassels on every corner. The convenient closure zipper ensures easy maintenance. Explore a variety of colors to suit your style. Contact or WhatsApp at +91 8377881009, follow us on Instagram at @throwpillow1, and reach us via email at Transform your space with these exquisite braided accents.