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a woman's arm with a sun and stars tattoo on the left side of her shoulder
a person holding a pen and drawing on paper with trees in the background next to a marker
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a drawing of a cross and rosary
Enzelyn User Profile | DeviantArt
Some awesome tattoo desing favourites by Enzelyn on deviantART
a woman's hand with a rose tattooed on it and the word ann written in cursive writing
Top 75 Best Hand Tattoos for Men - Unique Design Ideas | Improb
a man's back with a lighthouse tattoo on it
Pin by Fabiana Fernanda on mar | Lighthouse tattoo, Nautical tattoo, Nautical tattoo sleeve
Pin de Bryan Spnz em mar | Tatuagens de barco, Tatuagem náutica, Farol tatuagem
a black and white dragon tattoo on the left arm with an arrow in it's tail
Tatuagem de dragão: 95 fotos e os significados desse animal lendário
a man's arm with a tree and a spiral staircase tattoo on the left forearm
Tattoo uploaded by Klax Tattooer