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Jormax Windbreaks

Jormax Windbreaks

Worm tower. Feed the worms kitchen scraps from the top of the 3-4 foot pipe and watch the plants growing around take off.

How to Build a Worm Tower - This visually illustrates the concept of building a worm farm in your raised garden bed, where you want your compost worms to go to work for you, feeding your vegetables with nutrients. This system allows you to recycle food sc

Permaculture 101: Forest Gardens

Forest gardens are the best, most hands off way to grow your own food. Learn about guilds and food forests in Permaculture What is a Forest Garden?

Have a shady spot in your yard? You will love these stunning and inspiring shade gardens and find some fantastic plant suggestions for shady spaces.

Front yard shade garden inspiration - add piece of art like a bench or bird bath to creates a focal point in a shade garden