Natália Špiriaková

Natália Špiriaková

Natália Špiriaková
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{ Jacob } "hi. I'm Jacob Hood. I'm 16. I'm a VineR and YouTuber. I make's. I have 5 siblings. Intro?"

Jacob) aye Im Jacob. I love to run off to the woods and howl. My family's part of the wolfies. My brother is Weston and sis is Loren. It can be hard to control the wolfie side sometimes.

We should change that to future husband oh wait he is already my husband ,❤ for real tho he is!

Can I plz wake up to this?!?!❤️

Hey I'm Jacob I'm in drama and basketball anyways my triplets are Loren and Jordan my best friends are mark Matt and Carson ~Jacob


babe i never noticed how blue ur eye's were have u always had them like that or have i never noticed bc i go crazy for u