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Vintage Nutrex Hawaii - Spirulina beginnings

Images from the humble beginnings of our Hawaiian Spirulina farm - circa early 1980s.
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Spirulina ponds in Nevada before moving the farm to Hawaii | Nutrex Hawaii

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Dr. Cysewski with a spirulina pond in Nevada | Nutrex Hawaii

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The original spirulina crew! Dr. Cysewski (founder) and Glenn Jensen still work on the farm today, 30 years later. Lots of love and dedication | Nutrex Hawaii

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2nd expansion of spirulina ponds, the farm was growing! Today, our spirulina farm sits on 90 acres. | Nutrex Hawaii

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The year was 1984 when Cyanotech was started on the Kona Coast of the Big Island, Hawaii. These were the first few spirulina ponds. | Nutrex Hawaii

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Dr. Cysewski working in the snow to build one of the first spirulina ponds in Nevada | Nutrex Hawaii

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First expansion of the spirulina ponds in Kona, Hawaii | Nutrex Hawaii

Dr. Cysewski working on some of the first outdoor spirulina ponds in Nevada before finding the ideal location in Kona, Hawaii | Nutrex Hawaii

Washington state was a bit cold so Dr. Cysewski started growing Spirulina indoors.

Dr. Gerald Cysewski first started cultivating Spirulina in Nevada while searching for the ideal location to grow spirulina....which shortly after lead him to Kona, Hawaii | Nutrex Hawaii