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Asian Make Up, Selfie, Pretty People, Gaya Rambut, Beleza, Style, Inspo, Girls
the qr code is displayed in front of an image of a pink tile wall
Brush Ibis Paint Code #3
two black and white speech bubbles with the words golok be to the go elu
meme tolol
Fashion, Fitness, Jackets, Rain Jacket, Windbreaker, Sanrio, Fit
blue blue blue !!
Wardrobes, Outfits, Hijab Outfit, Tes, Swag, Gaya Hijab, Hijab, Hijabi
Ramadan, Hijabs, Muslim, Model
three young men standing next to each other in front of a building with the words berani buka hati harus, beran patah
an animated spongebob with the caption bang, apkah luv egk knen give?
meme spongebob
Kangen, Nangis, Be Like Meme
a little boy standing in the grass with an angry look on his face and words above him
a note with the words saying sorry and an image of someone's handwritten message
Useful English Expressions Commonly Used in Daily Conversations
a man standing on top of a boat near the ocean
Manifesting jadi pacar kyungsoo ☝️☝️
the poster for harry's book, which features an image of a man in a robe
a cartoon boy with green hair pointing at something in the air and saying fak yu cowo premli
a person standing in front of a big screen with a smile on it's face