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an image of someone's twitter post about food
Humanity – theCHIVE
the text on the screen is clearly visible for us to see, but it's not
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a newspaper article with the caption man stabs himself and throws intensities at police
a man holding a microphone in his right hand while talking to someone on the other side
two tweets that are on top of each other
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an image of a group of women dancing together
the text on the page says,'i am not afraid to tell if this is true
the text on this page reads, ` i'm not sure if it is true or false
a sign that is posted on the side of a bus with an image of a man kissing a woman
a man is smiling and holding his head in front of him with the caption that reads, my face when the dairy queen worked flips my bizzard upside down
Picture memes TrNhQci57 — iFunny
a red stuffed animal sitting on top of a table next to a caption that reads, when someone takes a drink of your food without eating it
Lobster - FunSubstance
an image of someone's texting about the movie they are watching in australia
Tumblr Tuesday 9-15 - Strange Beaver
two tweets that have been posted to someone on their twitter account, one is asking