Tamara Žoldošová

Tamara Žoldošová

Tamara Žoldošová
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Cactus de colores

This is what I can put in that flower bed thing that i forget to water all the time! I put real cacti in there and they died. One of the easiest plants to grow and o still killed it.

Learn 60+ printable random acts of kindness ideas…

Learn 60 printable random acts of kindness ideas for kids. Plus, a guide for getting your kids on board with kindness.

What I wish I'd known about parenting before I became one.

This really is some good advice. Every child grows, learns, acts and deals with things differently. Being a parent takes time and a lot of patience. Mistakes will be made, but if you always show your child love, you both will prosper.

A decoração pode ser uma ótima aliada do aprendizado e desenvolvimento infantil, como demonstra a arquiteta Nayara Macedo com o seu “Quarto do Menino”. Este ambiente foi projetado por ela especialmente para a mostra “Morar Mais por Menos Rio 2015” e tem como prerrogativa a psicologia Montessoriana que vê o quartinho como um espaço de …

The decoration can be a great ally of learning and child development, as demonstrated by the architect Nayara Macedo with her "Room of the Boy". Such a fun room!