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four different colored drawings of grass and trees in the distance, with an orange sky behind them
dans l’atelier de... magali cazo
the little mermaid has christian alderson written on it's face and is surrounded by sea life
a painting of a woman with sunflowers on her head, looking to the side
a drawing of a woman with her back to the camera and an elephant behind her
: Photo
two different images of a woman laying in bed
Reminds me of the short story idea
Character Design, Dark Art
an old book with some drawings on the cover and stars in the sky above it
Abecedarian : Restoring the Lost Sense
an illustration of a woman surrounded by snakes
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with flowers in the background
a drawing of a woman with her head in the air and clouds coming out of her hair
Illustrations That Perfectly Capture The Loneliness Of Womanhood