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slices of white bread with sprinkles on a glass plate
Sprinkle Sandwiches for the kids
instead of crusts these sandwiches have sprinkles!
there is a cake made to look like a rainbow with candy sticks sticking out of it
The one easy rainbow cake recipe that doesn't require you to be a master with a piping bag. Yes!
the star wars word scramble is shown in blue and white, with stars above it
Star Wars Activity Sheets | More Than Thursdays
Free Star Wars Activity Sheets for the little padawan in your life. These fun sheets will let them flex their brain muscles and have fun while doing it!
lego star wars activity sheet with instructions on how to play the game and what to use it
Free Lego Star Wars Activity Sheets & Coloring Pages - Sweeties Kidz
Star Wars Printables Coloring Activities
a paper model of a star wars ship with instructions on how to make it and other items
Chewbacca & Millennium Printable Paper Craft Activities #Hansolo | Mrs. Kathy King