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cool toilet paper roll art

Junior Fritz Jacquet is an artist that loves working with paper and has created a series of small masks by bending and folding empty toilet paper rolls. It is amazing to see so many expression on the tiny paper roll.

12 Paper Roll Crafts For Kids https://lifestylechange.myitworks.com/shop/product/310/

12 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids {Recycle those Toilet Paper Tubes!}next time sadie asks me why i dont buy her toys imma tell her cause she has toilet paper rolls with her name and time written on them!

Pixar Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids - Movie Crafts

Do your toilet paper rolls stack up like ours do? Well, there are brilliant toilet paper roll crafts for you to do with your kids. We& rounded up 18 ways you can create awesome things with toilet paper rolls.