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a statue of two people kissing each other with their hands on the face and shoulders
a statue with the words being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage
several people are swimming in the water with their backs turned to the same direction,
two hands reaching for each other in the water with their arms extended up above them
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a painting of people on a boat in the water
The Raft of the Medusa - Theodore Gericault
a woman sitting in front of a book shelf under a painting on the ceiling above her
Artes conceituais mostram "versão diferente" do filme live-action de ‘A Bela e a Fera’ - Burn Book
an artistic painting with many different things in it
a painting of a naked man holding a bow
Aqua Regia
an oil painting of a woman's face and hands
travel wallpaper iphone | travel wallpaper aesthetic | wallpaper colorful | wallpaper decor
an image of a statue with angel wings on it's head and the caption in spanish
Kiss of Death
a painting of a man with red paint all over his body and chest, holding his hands behind his back
the skeleton of a man is displayed in front of a clock
Distant Stations