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20 Hanukkah Crafts and Decorations for Eight Nights of Fun

Celebrate Hanukkah with our inspired crafts, gift wrapping ideas, favors, and decorations, including dreidels and menorahs. These ideas will help make all eight nights sparkle.

10 Kid-Friendly Flameless Menorahs

Lighting the menorah is major cause for excitement, and sometimes kids can’t get enough. For fun that they can enjoy endlessly for eight nights, check out these flameless options to buy or make yourself. 1. Play menorah – Pottery Barn Kids, $38.99 2. Paper and felt menorah – Fiskars 3. Cookie menorah – Amy Atlas 4. Felt wall menorah – Repeat Crafter Me 5. Button menorah – Bonkers About Buttons 6. Spool and pencil menorah – Parents.com 7.

2011 holiday guide: modern menorahs

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Ceramic art Hanukkah Menorah Children Menorah | Etsy

This is an artistic ceramic Menorah, a one of a kind hand made. The most joyful and colorful menorah, to celebrate your holiday or to give as a wedding gift to a young couple starting their life together. This menorah is made of yellow clay, carved carefully & painted by hand. I used bright ceramic colors, Manganese oxide and glazes. It has 9 holes for candles in which 8 are on one level and one is a bit up for the "Shamash". This is an Israeli Judaic menorah. Happy Hanukkah! Size: High…

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חנוכיה מקרמיק כחול-לבן | חנוכיה מקורית בעבודת יד | מתנה לחג חנוכה | יודאיקה ישראלית | מרמלדה מרקט - קניות באינטרנט

מחפשים חנוכיה מקרמיק כחול-לבן | חנוכיה מקורית בעבודת יד | מתנה לחג חנוכה | יודאיקה ישראלית לרכישה אונליין, חנוכיה מקרמיק כחול-לבן | חנוכיה מקורית בעבודת יד | מתנה לחג חנוכה | יודאיקה ישראלית מהחנות של עירית דינור - קרמיקה. לתמונות, חוות דעת, מחיר ומידע נוסף על חנוכיה מקרמיק כחול-לבן | חנוכיה מקורית בעבודת יד | מתנה לחג חנוכה | יודאיקה ישראלית במרמלדה מרקט

Jewish Menorah for Hanukkah | Etsy

This is a colorful ceramic Menorah made of nine little houses on a trey. You can use it as a beautiful home decor all year long and as a Menorah on Hanukkah! You can use each candle stick separately for a romantic evening or for Shabat! It's playful in a way that you can set the houses differently each time, change their order and make a circle or a heart shape with it! This lovely Menorah makes a whimsical holiday decoration and brings even more joy to your home while the Hanukkah candles…

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Hanukkah Menorahs

This ceramic Hanukkah Menorah has a rectangular blue base as well as nine brightly-colored candleholders that appear in turquoise, orange, blue green, red and yellow.