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many fish swimming in the ocean near a beach house with palm trees and water surrounding it
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La Grotta Cove, Corfu Island, Greece
the sun is setting over the ocean with rocks in the foreground and a long pier stretching into the distance
The 10 Best Greece Tours 2024
Agios Sostis Island, Zakynthos, Greece
the water is crystal blue and clear with people walking on the beach in the distance
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Stunning Navagio Beach of Zakynthos, Greece
an island with blue water surrounded by rocks and flowers in the foreground, on a sunny day
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Navagio is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is located on the north-west shore of the stunning Zakynthos Island. It is the home of a famous ship wreck, called Panagiotis, which is why the beach is also called ‘Smugglers Cove’. Learn more:
a sailboat in the water under a cloudy sky with sun rays coming through it
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Isolated state. Sweden. Photograph by Felix Odell. Would make brilliant canvas!
a river running through a forest with dark clouds above it and trees in the foreground
lsleofskye: “Bockhütte, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany ”
a drop of water hanging from a tree branch in the sun with some ice on it
25 Beautiful Macro Photographs
Gota, congelada!
a waterfall with moss growing on it in the woods
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Bigar Waterfall, Nature Reserve, Romania Bigăr is one of the most unusual waterfalls in the world and one of the most beautiful in Romania. According to The World Geography, there are a number of facts that place her as number one on the list of eight unique waterfalls around the world due to the way the water spreads and falls in tiny shreds of water.
the water is clear and blue with mountains in the background
Auiva Writes
expressions-of-nature: “ by Harald Selke Lake Gunn, New Zealand ”
the sun is setting behind some tall grass by the water's edge with boats in the background
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a path in the middle of a forest with moss growing on it's sides
The girl in the red hood
Wonderful forest…