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Oroszki Marietta

Oroszki Marietta
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#TheFlash 1x08 "Flash vs. Arrow" - Oliver and Barry

Then barry gets shot in the back with 2 arrows, and Oliver says, "I heard you can heal fast." Then Oliver pulls the 2 arrows out of barry.

The Flash - Barry and Caitlin // This was hilarious xD I love Barry ❤️

The Flash - Barry and Caitlin No I don't believe in Snowbarry, but this is too good to resist! And Cisco's face in the background is just.

The Flash - A TV show centered around scientist Barry Allen, who suffers a freak accident that turns him into a superhero with the power of incredible speed.

Grant Gustin as 'The Flash' - First Full Costume Photo Released!: Photo Check out your first official look at Grant Gustin in his full costume for The Flash! The actor stars as scientist Barry Allen, who is given the power…