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Editorial illustrations are the food of our everyday lives.. They make us want to read, they help us understand certain topics, but most importantly, they make us smile.. Enjoy!!
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Daily routine. Innocent activity. Well, no! Shopping list and a basket to go. And the invisible hand accompanying you through the regals. See the whole "from draft to illustration" process about subliminal advertising illustrated by Michal Jedinak at
This year's Olympics have surely been the most heavily guarded winter games ever! Not only were they the main focus for police but politicians too. For Beugism's take on the issue visit
Have you already paid your tribute to the King of Pop? Our Polish Illustrator, Aneta Poplawska, has fabulously depicted his characteristics white socks and style for
Who could have missed the biggest football event this year? Not even an antifootballed owl like us. Look at Alessandro Bonaccorsi's take at FIFA 2014 worldcup at
Martina Paukova knows that spring isn't about tulips anymore! Gadgets and wearables are what we take out for an early morning to mingle in the colourful blooming nature. Eager to know more? Check out
Can a computer fall in love if it doesn't have a body?  See the illustrated answer given by our French illustrator - Marc Etienne Peintre at
Cover features OWL illustration artists
Have you ever took a look inside yourself? Editorial work by BEA CRESPO
Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes - video animation | World news | The Observer
Bar Magazine editorial by ALICA GURINOVA

Ďalšie nápady
illustration by ANETA POPLAWSKA, illustrator represented by OWL Illustration agency
Alica Gurínová
Slovak animated movie Nina by OVE PICTURES, see blog about this paper story:
We will take you on a wildlife tour with OWL . And believe us , Walt Disney 's Jungle Book is nothing Compared to what OWL can offer ! Read more about our talented illustrators
Suburbia with red roofs connected and sharing files
We have noticed sort of creature “anti-heroes” in your illustrations. On what basis you decide that one character will have a bird’s head, while another, let’s say, a pig’s head? Read more at
What is the secret behind your dreamy, sometimes surreal drawings? Is it the right selection of animal (we have noticed the cute fox with laser eyes in your portfolio), or is it something more? Read more at
illustration by MARC-ETIENNE PEINTRE, self-portrait
Mia Valgren Illustration - Work
Cartoonish creatures and monsters are very characteristic for her drawings and she simply can’t get enough of them. Read more about Barbora Idesova's sketchbook journey at