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there is a large sound system in the store
new stereo rack system - Google Search
two red reels sitting on top of an old fashioned stereo system with the words technic
"Technics - ref.1520 ,Vintage High End Reel To Reel Tape Recorder" !...
an old fashioned reel recorder with two speakers on it's front and back sides
Technics RS-10A02 R&B series
an old fashioned reel recorder with two reels on it's front and side
Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl
Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl | The Verge- - Rendez vos souvenirs durables ! - Sauvegarde - Transfert - Copie - Digitalisation - Restauration de bande magnétique Audio - MiniDisc - Cassette Audio et Cassette VHS - VHSC - SVHSC - Video8 - Hi8 - Digital8 - MiniDv - Laserdisc - Bobine fil d'acier - Digitalisation audio
two speakers sitting side by side next to each other
Technics SB-7000
two speakers sitting on top of a wooden floor
Technics SB-8000 Linear Phase for sale.
Technics SB-8000 Linear Phase
the front view of a speaker with two speakers on it's back side and one in
Technics Monitor 1
a woman standing in front of a large display with speakers on it's sides
Technics SB-AFP100 1988
a wooden box with speakers in it
Technics Loudspeakers
Technics SB-2200
a room filled with lots of different types of electronic devices and sound equipment on display
What Hi-Fi?
The Technics hall of fame
an advertisement for the new age of metal tape recorders, as well as other electronic equipment
Check Out This Crazy Fkkn Tape Deck (Technics edition)
an old stereo with two reels attached to it
Black Crown Jewel 1520
Black Crown Jewel 1520
an old radio with the time displayed on it's display screen and buttons showing
Technics RS-B965
an old fashioned radio sitting on top of a table
Technics RS-B900 (1991)