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Dining Chair Set Six

Are you interested in our DSW Eames> Eames Chair>? With our eames chair> scandinavian style chair> you need look no further.

Idée pour un petit jardin vertical accueillant les plantes aromatiques (ce ne doit pas être trop dur à réaliser en DIY) -  small vertical garden  Verticale kruidentuin | KARWEI

Save space on your balcony or patio and save the pennies in your pocket: use an old ladder to put your potted herbs on. No more buying herbs, yummy freshness and it looks pretty too!

I will so this come spring!! love the lavender in galvanized tub!

ENGLISH LAVENDER in a container: Roots prefer to be fairly crowded so choose a container that is only larger than rootball. Light soil w/good drainage. Water when soil is dry. Repot yearly with fertilizer.