This is my favourite and pretty much the most used tool around the workshop. I have a proper Bench Grinder which I never use anymore. Simply because compare to a vice mounted hand held grinder it is a lot less powerful. Plus with this contraption I can use the Wire Wheel, the Sander and the Grinding Wheel for long periods of time and with a lot more control. It costs next to nothing to make.

Pretty rough looking, but I like the concept with the wire wheel for cleaning rust. Might make a modified version that can wrap around some rusty pipe workbench legs I've got to make cleaning them up easier.

Wood splitter

Discover thousands of images about Cast iron wood splitter. Definitely need one on the bus to fire up our wood stove on cold nights.

Building a pallet prybar tool...with a light duty machine.

Pallet Breaker - Homemade pallet breaker constructed from surplus drill tube and angle iron.

How to Use Epoxy Resin Like a Pro

How to Use Epoxy Resin Like a Pro

What is Epoxy? Boat What is Epoxy? Boat builders surfboard makers and fabricators of all kinds use epoxy every day to form strong waterproof lightweight structures. And you can take advantage of this versatile group of products around the home too.

Notcher Grinder Homemade notcher grinder constructed from pillow bearings, shafting, a sanding belt, and an angle grinder

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