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a black and white drawing of a cat sleeping
a white cat sleeping next to a pink pig stuffed animal on top of a bed
She can't sleep without her stuffed toy
a mother cat cuddles her sleeping kitten
22 Times Cats Were Better Parents Than Humans
And this lady who never goes to sleep without telling her little on a bedtime story.
a red glass bottle with flowers painted on it's side and a crystal ball in the top
Victorian enameled glass perfume...
a white kitten with blue eyes sitting on the floor in front of a sofa cushion
What are you doing? Lynx Point Siamese kitten
a pink box with an animal figure in it
Pink-in-the-Box 41/365
Pink-in-the-Box 41/365 | Day #41... July 3, 2009 I found thi… | Flickr
a pink perfume bottle with a tag on it's top and chain around the neck
parfume flasker – Pigesind
parfume flasker | Pigesind
a glass vase with pink flowers in it on a white surface, for decoration or as a centerpiece
SWAROVSKI Crystal Rose Tulips
Swarovski Crystal Rose Tulips
four tea bags with different designs on them
Clipper Tea. Love their designs.
a close up of a cat's paw in the grass