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Bread-baking made easy! 🍞
Tasty home-made bread can be so easy and quick! Get the Panasonic Breadmaker today and taste the difference. Start Baking!
bread is sitting on the counter next to a crock pot and other food items
Easy Home Baking with the Panasonic Breadmaker SD-YR2550
Ignite the foodie in you Introducing the new SD-YR2550 Breadmaker. The perfect hassle-free choice for being creative with breads, cakes, jams and more. You are spoiled for choice from gluten free options to Artisan shapes you create yourself. Click on the image for more information!
Easy Raspberry Almond Cake Recipe with White Chocolate
Recipe for a simple but stunning looking almond cake with raspberries and white chocolate coating. Watch the video to learn how to make the nice pink and white chocolate pattern. Click onto the link for the full Panasonic breadmaker recipe.
several different types of breads and pastries on a table
New Panasonic Breadmaker with Manual Settings
Delicious. Easy. Homemade. Quality you can taste. Let the foodie in you shine with the SD-YR2550 Panasonic Breadmaker. It is the hassle-free choice for being creative with breads, cakes and more. Artisan shapes you create yourself, gluten-free options, tangy pizza dough and more … all yours for enjoying. Find out more & discover tasty breadmaker recipes!
a black microwave oven sitting on top of a white table next to bowls of food
Steamed Garlic Prawns (Chinese Style) Recipe
Quick and easy, without compromising flavour: steamed prawns with an Asian touch are perfect any time – all the time. Made with the new Combi Steam Oven NN-CS89/88 from Panasonic.
a black and silver blender sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bottle of milk
Soy Milk - Slow Juicer Recipe
Homemade soy milk is just perfect for cooking or – and you should definitely give that a shot – making tofu. Easily prepare your home-made soy milk with the help of the Panasonic Slow Juicer. Discover the full recipe by clicking on the image!
a person holding an apple in front of a juicer with fruit on the table
Whole Fruit Juicing with the Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L700
Easily juice whole fruits such as apples, pears and kiwis. Enjoy home-made healthy & fresh juices every day, prepared with your Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L700. Stay healthy!
a microwave oven sitting on top of a counter next to plates and utensils
Panasonic - New 4-in-1 Combi Steam Oven
Introducing the new 4-in-1 Combi Steam Oven NN-CS89 / NN-CS88 - Your New Kitchen Multi-Talent
Your New Kitchen Multi-talent. Panasonic 4-in-1 Combi Steam Oven NN-CS89/88
Panasonic is introducing the new Combi Steam Oven NN-CS89/88 with powerful steam, convection, grill and microwave. This new all-in-one solution combines four cooking options into one modern design. Save time, effort and your vitamins.
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white icebox
Sourdough Bread with Pumpkin - Breadmaker Recipe
Panasonic Breadmaker Croustina Recipe
a microwave oven sitting on top of a wooden counter next to vegetables and other foods
Whole Chicken With Mixed Vegetables and Spiced Yoghurt Recipe | Panasonic Experience Fresh
Whole Chicken With Mixed Vegetables and Spiced Yoghurt - Panasonic Microwave Recipe
there is a coffee maker on the counter next to other items in bowls and cups
Panasonic Breadmaker Croustina & Slow Juicer MJ-L700
Experience Fresh Design Line
there is a bowl of cereal and a blender on the table next to it
Soy Milk Recipe | Panasonic Experience Fresh
Soy Milk Recipe - Panasonic Slow Juicer