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To Kill a God // "you'd kill for me, wouldn't you?" // In which a girl becomes what she once hated
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I think these are SIRENS doused with sugar powder... graveyard girls | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I felt water underneath me. Mud on my back. I’ve been thrown here by something. Cas tried to stop it but he couldn’t and that thing flung us away.

step 1: give it life

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Sunset (c.1874), László Paál / Scorpio Rising, The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice

step 2: steal its secrets

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from the rocks was born a killer | ⋠Pinterest: @harriette923 ⋡
mood of youth

step 3: steal its heart

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ai generated

step 4: steal its slumber

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step 5: give it love

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noor sai // the chrysalis

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wilder thaddeus // face of memory

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The wound is the place where the Light enters you. | KALTBLUT Magazine

oska dorn // melting

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Scouts by Odobenus on DeviantArt

tai // mirage

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(1) 'Ser Barris' by GerryArthur : ImaginaryMen

parth estelo // a child of kishac

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Daniel MurtaghStudio - Daniel Murtagh

ruo // sound of my mind

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Thea Sofie Loch Naess: Es la temida bruja sexi Skade.
La tresse est emblématique des coiffures viking tous la porte homme comme femme et enfant

eshe // flower and thorn

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Dominik Sadoch by Markus Jans for GQ Germany December 2019 - fashionotography
you traded my soul for pogs?: Photo

roan clive miklaus // the burner or the burnt?

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estar langoril // a child of sonorih

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lou voyan // the deserving

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alreid patelion // a child of pasai

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Instagram: @/ nattesjel

rinien mohel // a child of isey

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gellam langoril // a child of raspa

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juin ilken // the inventor

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ArtStation - Rasgatt - Centaur Druid
galaeriel:  இ

thoron bordir // a child of musten

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18+ Anime Male Elf Character Inspiration
soottea: “mer!Lance from the fic “Watercast” by fishwrites! ;;v;; I love mer Lance and avian Keith so much ” you posted !!! Skdjdixycvebdjdjd I love this so much especially how you also did a biolum version it’s just so eerie and beautiful I’m weak -...

blanche alistair-ira rhett

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aella claire // risen

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flora lis - Google Search

risse faye // the scorched match

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cecil palmer // the earth's voice

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