Toronto Blue Jays

Die hard fan, born and raised.
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a blue jays poster with the words let's go blue jays
a man with glasses and a mustache wearing a toronto blue jackets baseball cap is smiling at the camera
a baseball player is jumping in the air with his arms up and hands raised above his head
a group of baseball players standing in front of a sign with the words clinched on it
the toronto blue jays and toronto blue jackets are featured in this promotional image for their upcoming baseball game
a baseball player is walking on the field
a baseball player wearing a catchers mitt on top of his head
a blue sign that says jose bautista hanging from the side of a building
a baseball player holding a bat while standing on top of a field in front of a crowd
a man with a baseball bat in his hand and the words signed jose bautista above him
a baseball stadium filled with lots of people and a tall tower in the distance behind it
an old ticket for the first game of the toronto blue jayse at skydome on june 5, 1989