Ikea Bedroom Styling

Ikea Bedroom Styling that looks expensive. You can save so much money using ikea pieces. This closet is honestly GOALS.

Wardrobe inspiration

Wardrobe inspiration (Christina Dueholm)

Some wardrobe inspiration

Closet organization tips: Use drawer inserts to maximize your space and keep everything in place.

6 Genius Organization Hacks a Celebrity Closet Designer Knows (That You Don't)

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The 3 Biggest Home Decor Trends on Pinterest This Spring | StyleCaster

The 3 Biggest Home Decor Trends on Pinterest This Spring

Small space closet ideas from our organizing experts. Clever storage solutions and stylish closet alternatives for small spaces. Get creative and add both storage and style to even the smallest space. For more closet ideas go to Domino.

The View From 5 Ft. 2 | Closet Change Up | http://www.viewfrom5ft2.com

Closet Change Up

The perfect closet storage for shoes combines functionality and fashion - put your pairs on display with open shoe cubbies and sort by complementary colors. IKEA closet organization sets are cheap, customizable, and easy to install!

Get a Closet that Works For You: 5 Ways to Customize Yours

5 Ideas to Make The Most of Your Closet

Your clothes aren't one-size-fits-all, so why would your closet be? Whether you've got a walk-in wardrobe, an open clothing rail in your bedroom, or something in between, you'll want to make it work for you and give you a thrill every time you visit.

simple CLOSET LOVE! https://www.theline.com/the_apartments/quintessential_apartment #our1928home

Custom walk-in closet with skinny drawers perfectly keeps all your clothes and jewelery organized. Display area adds style to your closet. Hang bar area and upper open cubbies for storing hats, off-season items, and luggage.

I like the idea of a clothes rail, maybe take the doors off my built in wardrobe to make it open

I like the idea of a clothes rail, maybe take the doors off my built in wardrobe…

El blanco y el negro son los dos colores básicos de este dormitorio... Además te damos una idea para montar un pequeño tocador.

Un dormitorio en blanco y negro con tocador

My walk in closet experience part Penelope Home. Mirror and Stoor

Closets to Covet

Closets to Covet (DAMSEL IN DIOR)

walk in closet behind bed. The grid unit has no back, so add sheet metal to the back and face the sheet metal side outwards towards the room/as headboard to make a walk-in closet behind the bed!

Leuk om verlichting te hangen langs een spiegel.

This mirror with little white lights wrapped around it is such a great idea. It's the perfect way to get extra light when you are getting ready in the morning and dress up your mirror!