Patrícia Šmidáková

Patrícia Šmidáková

Patrícia Šmidáková
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I like the outfit and the sword, although the girl looks sorta creepy

Viking costume inspiration the dress, with one wide waist belt, a torc necklace, another low wrapped belt for the sword, and a bunch of other things.

This is a real solid bronze 3-dimentional hand-crafted antique finish adjustable size ring. The bronze ring features a Vegvisir in the middle with the

Bronze Vegvisir Futhark Runes Vikings Compass Magic Stave Nordic Amulet Adjustable Size Ring by MAGICrebEL

Aging is mandatory. Style is optional.

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This man saw a beard and denim style on the cover of a cool guy's magazine two years ago, and he hasn't switched up his look since.

Josh Mario John //  tattoo, beard. My fave tattoo model ;)

Outstanding tattoo: Man With a Beard and Lots of Tattoos model: Josh Mario John. Come and have a look at more top quality tattoo ideas