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someone is holding up two business cards in their hand
Custom Stickers, Postcards, Business Cards & More | Jukebox
Adorable Letterpress business cards produced on 36pt Wool paper with black and 2 shades of pink inks.
four coasters with designs on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
illustration - Pen & Ink, Freehand, Watercolors, Digital Paintings...
an open book with different colored letters on the cover and in front of it is a hand
Holography. on Behance
#holography #holographic #graphicdesign #graphic #design #designer #typography #typegang #prints #printdesign #behance
an image of the back side of a webpage with different layouts and colors
Simple P. Keynote Template, a Presentation Template by Simple P.
Simple Presentation Template #keynote #presentation #simple #minimal #portfolio #business #marketing
a large number of different types of boats in the water
Nautical- Powerpoint Template
Nautical- Powerpoint Template. Presentation Templates. $12.00
four different patterns in black and white with the words moving day by market bremener
Moving Day by Margaret Bremner, step out by Maria Vasilisina - Instagram photo by @vasilisinamari (Мария Василисина) | Iconosquare
the screen shows how to draw different patterns
How to draw CHARD
How to draw CHARD by Linda Farmer « TanglePatterns.com
four squares that have been made to look like they are being quilted in black and white
зентангл для начинающих - Поиск в Google
an image of different shapes and sizes of paper work on white paper with black ink
Tootle Step-out
"Tootle" a tangelation of Tripoli. Like Tripoli, it can be tricky to draw perfectly. Advantage of the three lines - you can always add one or leave one out as needed.
four squares that have been drawn in black and white
Instagram photo by @vasilisinamari (Мария) | Iconosquare: