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MT-07 Special Edition More

We found a awesome looking while browsing through the internet. 2016 Special Edition, so we ask the Yamaha guys is this true, they told us that there was no special edition lined up yet. But what we saw was a simple add on of acc.

Yamaha MT ‘Super7’ – JvB-moto.   Can you have it all? It's an age-old question and a truly illustrative answer will depend on the unique requirements of each of the seven odd billion individuals who call the planet Earth home. But this isn't the place for such an esoteric conversation, this is where we come to admire motorcycles and in that particular sphere, Cologne-based JvB-moto has...

Cool custom built Yamaha Scrambler built by JvB Moto from Germany. A cool modern bike created with a complete set of bolt on parts.