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Every Woman Should Read These Words and Be Proud...
old woman
a black and white photo of a woman holding a cell phone to her face with teary eyes
Vietnam War
Vietnam War A South Vietnamese refugee arrives in the US. 1975.
Oksana Zhelisko Canada, Paintings, Architecture, Art, Woman Painting, Woman, Face Art, Female
Oksana Zhelisko
a young boy with words all over his chest and neck, looking up at the camera
Learn About 25+ Life Changing Social Awareness Print Ads
James 3:5 and Proverbs 18:21: Verbal abuse is still abuse and plays on automatic in heart and mind forever! Even the most intelligent person will begin to believe it when they're told that they are useless, that they're a loser.
a painting of a man holding a woman with his arms wrapped around her head and hands clasped together
Blog of an Art Admirer
Giuseppe Mentessi (1857-1931) Italian Painter.
a man with tears on his face looking at the camera
What are his eyes speaking?
a black and white photo of a woman with freckles on her face, looking at the camera
I hate to be in love by Tiziana Pielert / 500px
"You fail to undertand," she cried. "I do not recognize that woman in the mirror. She is sick. She is emaciated. She cannot be me!"
an old man in a tuxedo looking at the camera with a surprised look on his face
Generals of south central by Maximus Gaia / 500px
great wrinkles!!
black and white photograph of a man with blue eyes
Créez votre Book en Ligne - Annuaire d'artistes
Portraiture. Example of expressing subjective frame through upset and tear drop. Expressed through dark shadows and light tones on checks and nose.
an old woman with wrinkles and tears on her face looking off to the side
Haiti’s profound sorrow
a black and white photo with the words en los os estn todas las averadadess
Wild or Sad by Aidan Nworks / 500px
Powerful face, intense expression, hand, insecurity, man, male, intense, powerful, portrait, photo b/w.
a woman's face with blue eyes and black hair is shown in this artistic photo
25.09.2012 by trockn on DeviantArt
"25.09.2012" - Turhan Algan {contemporary female head woman digital portrait painting} Despair !!
Photographer Takes Arresting Tintype Portraits of Random Visitors Vintage, Vintage Photos, Behance, Photo Art, Studio Portraits
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Photographer Takes Arresting Tintype Portraits of Random Visitors