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Even more women sporting fabulous long silver hair!

I love her subtle pink lips and mascara. You see her... Not her makeup.

One of those ageless hairstyles?

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Via Kimmy Schram

I would adore long,beautiful grey hair like this!!! Wouldn't anybody? lol I came so close to coloring my hair today. But I didn't cave. I have about 4 to 6 months growth so far. I get so tempted!

I love long grey hairs

I'm not that gray but it's refreshing to see curly hair that is. Going Gray Looking great

I found my "old lady" hair style. Going grey gracefully!

Irene Zola, NYC, she's focused on changing the way American society perceives and treats the elderly, whom she says are "literally invisible" in American culture. If they are portrayed at all, she says, they are mostly in pharmaceutical ads on the beach having fun.

Irene Zola ~ Founder of grassroots volunteer group works to help the elderly live out their final years in dignity at home.

5 years dye free....such freedom.

, my Nana was over 70 and had waist long hair with a wave like this,I loved her hair.

Curly gray hair  (Beauty, Skin Care, Hair, Makeup, and Anti-Aging Tips - Prevention.com)


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Long gray hair. I love this so much!  Beauty is at every age, and we can embrace God's gifts. A wife's long hair is just naturally beautiful, a glory to her and a joy to her partner/husband. Quit trying the artificial route and trust in how you were made.

Long gray hair - love it!

Beautiful grey.... long and gorgeous.. i hope when i transition to grey some day its as pretty as this....

Don't get the short haircuts for grandmas, be modern and chic with these Stylish Haircuts for Older Women inspirations!

Love how full her hair looks in this loose braid. I'm looking forward to when all my colour has grown out to see what it's like au natural.

loose fishtai silver braid, lace and shirring

curly, wild gray hair...someday! :)

Yoga for seniors, baby boomers and beginners of all ages!

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Wow, she is so gorgeous!   http://www.inbedwithsue.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Sue-Bryce-Grace-blog.jpg

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Naturally wavy and salt and pepper natural grey hair. Always a lovely combination.


Seen this grey hair trend on a lot of girls lately.