Communist Propaganda

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Soviet space dogs matchbox labels Laika - Sputnik 3 Nov 1957 Belka and Strelka - Korabl-Sputnik 19 Aug 1960 Old Poster, Retro Poster, Vintage Posters, Illustration Photo, Comics Illustration, Illustrations Posters, Vintage Space, Vintage Art, Vintage Ephemera

russian matchbox label

From Wikipedia.. Belka (Белка, literally, "Squirrel", but as a dog's name most likely means "Whitey", from Russian: "белый" (for "white")) and Strelka (Стрелка, "Little Arrow") spent a day in space aboard Korabl-Sputnik-2 (Sputnik 5) on August 19, 1960 before safely returning to Earth. They were accompanied by a grey rabbit, 42 mice, 2 rats, flies and a number of plants and fungi. All passengers survived. They were the first Earth-born creatures to go into orbit and return alive. …

Firmly Grasping Gun To Protect Revolution's Result - Vietnam Propaganda Art Posters Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, All Poster, Poster Prints, Social Realism, Love Teacher, Political Posters

seems kinda ironic that women in a 3rd world county get to fight but liberated western women get to... i don't know, sew sweaters?

Che Guevara by Rene Mederos Stanley Kubrick Photography, Cuba, Ernesto Che Guevara, Communist Propaganda, Deco Paint, Signature Fonts, Guerrilla, Popular Culture, Street Art

Rene Mederos. Pop Art y propaganda.

Su característico estilo estableció un standard en el diseño de carteles en Cuba e influyó probablemente, gracias a la exportación de la Rev...

The enemy is crafty - be alert, Vintage Soviet propaganda poster, playbill of the USSR, steampunk art, 48 Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Ww2 Posters, Political Posters, Soviet Art, Red Army, Vintage Posters, Illustrations Posters, Wwii

The enemy is crafty be alert Vintage Soviet propaganda | Etsy

This Soviet propaganda poster: The enemy is crafty - be alert! This poster from World War II calling for secrecy, and to be a patriot. Artist: V. Ivanov 1945. --------------------------------------------------------------- DEAR CUSTOMERS, if you buy a THREE pictures, the fourth will receive a GIFT

‘The Art of the Black Panthers’: Revolutionary designer Emory Douglas Protest Posters, Political Posters, Political Art, Black Panthers, Emory Douglas, Revolutionary Artists, American Poetry, Black Panther Party, Black Artwork

The Black Panthers' Emory Douglas on the power of graphic design | Design Week

As a black teenager growing up in East Sheen, I was inspired by the historical contribution of the Black Power and Civil Rights Movement in the US, and influenced by leading black political figures and community activists such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King; Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown; Huey Newton and Bobby Seale – and the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in particular. The Black Panthers’ base in Oakland, California was a universe away from the genteel, suburban niceties…

From anti-communist comic book «Two faces of communism Cold War Propaganda, Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Vintage Advertisements, Vintage Ads, Anti Communism, Military Party, Red Scare, Political Cartoons

Vintage Geek Culture

Dedicated to all things "geek retro:" the science fiction/fantasy/horror fandom of the past (1910s-1970s), including pin up art, novel covers, pulp magazines, and comics.

During the war North Vietnam, Vietnam War, Buddha Artwork, Communist Propaganda, Political Posters, American War, Poster On, Popular Culture, Cool Pictures

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Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Black Panthers Movement, Black Panther Party, Political Posters, Power To The People, Black Letter, Age, Black Power

Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971 | The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Soviet space poster by E.Solovyov, June 'Cheers to the Soviet heroine [Valentina Tereshkova], the daughter of a great nation! Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Cosmos, Socialist Realism, Vintage Space, Space Race, Russian Art, Russian American, Socialism

Государственный каталог Музейного фонда Российской Федерации

Все музеи России, шедевры и коллекции музеев: живопись, графика, фотографии, скульптура, археология. Карта музеев.

The communist art of René Mederos, Cuban propagandist for Vietnamese revolution Communist Propaganda, Propaganda Art, Political Posters, Political Art, Cuba, Christian Artwork, Vietnam War Photos, Socialist Realism, Singing In The Rain

The communist art of René Mederos, Cuban propagandist for Vietnamese revolution

“Como en Viet Nam,” ca. 1970 Retrospectives on communist art and design are often dominated by some pretty inaccessible (and sometimes downright godawful) aesthetics. For example, many people find the grey boxes of GDR architecture a bit alienating, and while I personally adore it for kitsch value, most folks don’t dig on Socialist Realism paintings, as all that beatific portraiture of Stalin can get overwhelmingly corny. Dictators and stark buildings are not however, the whole and sum of…

Death to World Capitalism / Oppressed colonial nations shall rise up against Imperialism under the banner of the Proletarian Revolution Political Strategy, Political System, Propaganda Art, Communist Propaganda, Social Organization, Social Practice, Men Of Letters, Communism, Inevitable

Death to World Capitalism / Oppressed colonial nations shall | Etsy

Death to World Capitalism! I. Rabichev Oppressed colonial nations shall rise up against Imperialism under the banner of the Proletarian Revolution. Moscow, Leningrad 1932 Russia is by no means the birthplace of the poster, but it is namely she who was destined to eventually lead the world in

Denouncing Lin Biao and Confucius is the top priority for the whole party, the whole army and the whole Chinese people. Reference Printed in February 1974 Dimensions inches cm large size Chinese Propaganda Posters, Chinese Posters, Chinese Quotes, Mao Zedong, Communist Propaganda, Socialist Realism, Spirituality Books, Brave New World, World Religions

Confucianism: "Criticize Lin, Criticize Confucius" poster from 1974, the "Anti-Lin, Anti-Confucius" campaign lasted 1973-1976