Petronela Dančišinová

Petronela Dančišinová

Petronela Dančišinová
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My ethnic feathers and tribal ornaments on a yoga mat

Our best selling mat the Dream Weaver with soft water color background and bold graphic feathers makes for a beautiful zen space for your practice! grab one and bring color and art to your local studi

Flower Watercolor Pen And Ink Bookmark Watercolor by wrensroost

Flower Watercolor Pen And Ink Bookmark, Watercolor Giclee Bookmark, Spring Flower Watercolor Print Bookmark, Beaded Watercolor Bookmark Art

Watercolor Flower Bookmarks: growcreative

What do you use your paper scraps for? I love turning my left-over watercolor paper into flowery bookmarks. The rest I just test out painting ideas on. I may be giving away the surprise if my mom se

This+bookmark+features+our+newest+and+highest-quality+bookmark+style:+a+rigid,+high+resolution+lamination+print+with+rounded+edges. Measures+roughly+2.25x6.25" Includes+a+tassel+in+a+color+that+compliments+the+image.+Tassel+color+may+differ+from+one+shown+in+picture.

This bookmark features our newest and highest-quality bookmark style: a rigid, high resolution lamination print with rounded edges. Measures roughly Includes a tassel in a color that compliments the image. Tassel color may differ from one shown i