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Vojtech Hollý
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Wyndham House made out of matchsticks

Amazing - this model house was made from used matchsticks

Making a mansion from popsicle sticks. I could do a tiny house me thinks.

An 18 minute stop motion film where a 14 year old builds a mansion out of popsicle sticks! I ended up watching the whole thing cos it was just so impressive.


Ian Trask - Artists Wanted 2010 — Designspiration

The House Made of Matchsticks by Izmack

haha i can't find a word to describe it. XD The House Made of Matchsticks

avenue clipart of a 3d red and wooden matchstick house by anastasiya maksymenko

Matchstick Home With Blue Tips, Symbolizing A Stick Built House, Foreclosure, And Insurance Clipart Picture Image by Anastasiya Maksymenko

"A small price to pay for building houses out of matchsticks..."

"A small price to pay for building houses out of matchsticks.

A Gigantic Ship Made Out Of Matches

Tirpitz, sister of the bismarck battleship, made of matches. Details are mindblowing