Monogram wreath, Wreaths, Wreath monogram, Wooden letter,Wall letters, Nursery wall letters, Wedding guestbook wooden letter on Etsy, $52.00, guest book! @Lauren Davison Davison Briggs

Guest Book idea for Bridal Shower! A fun list of unique wedding guestbook ideas for your wedding

PERSONALIZED Hand Painted Wood Sign Wedding Guest by Resalvaged

PERSONALIZED Hand Painted Wood Sign Wedding Guest by Resalvaged I like this guestbook idea - there are a bunch on Etsy.

25 Unique Guestbook Alternatives From Pinterest | Philadelphia Wedding

A photo guest book - polaroid and washi tape! Get a cheap but cute polaroid camera, a blank notebook, and washi tape in your chosen colors. Have guests take photos and then leave a message underneath. Love this, but polaroid film is expensive and rare!

This is fun :)

Have each guest write a date night idea on a popsicle stick for your “date night jar.” Could even have the person write their name on the other side for a date night jar + guest book!

DIY Polaroid picture wedding guestbook. I WANT to do this!!! or have them sign the pics and put them on a canvas!

A Crafty DIY Wedding in Tillamook, Oregon

love this guest book idea

Grass Valley Wedding by Acres of Hope Photography

Wedding Wishing Tree | photography by

Wedding Wishing Tree

Wedding Wishing Tree - In Japanese culture, during Tanabata (the Star Festival) people write their wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on a tree in the hope they'll come true.

This is the 2nd time I've posted this's such an awesome one...LOVE IT. "Rock and roll wedding - guitar as the guest book"

Lauren & Tyler's old time rock 'n' roll music madness wedding

Get engagement photos printed in a book (snapfish or mixbook are great options) and double it as a guest book!

Napa Valley Wedding from Adeline and Grace Photography