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ArtStation - TBT-77G2 ATLAS Main Battle Tank, Douglas Kehrly

This is a personal work in progress concept model of a sci-fi main battle tank. The Adaptive Tracked Land Assault System (ATLAS) Generation 2 is an original design intended to fit in my personal science fiction setting. The ATLAS is intended to

For the developing game Unvanquished, for which I currently contribute as a concept artist.

Bluefin Assault rifle- colours by dukeleto on deviantART

NATO Assault rifle, loaded from a 50 round horizontal mag above the barrel.

manufacturer: space x corporation type: assault rifle cal: rpm: 750 firing mode: semi, full auto weight: ids Mag size: 30 muzzle velocity.

Russian T-90SM MBT.

Russian Main Battle Tank Rigged Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

Harkonnen's Medium Tank by *spidermc on deviantART

This work is a fan art on Dune. It's reimagining some of the battle units of Greate Houses. This is an illustration for: [link] Harkonnen's Medium Tank