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Peter Hoffman
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Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors Personally I have no desire to cut my pizza with a huge scissors, but if you do, then here you go. Also, the scissors has a spatula attached to it that says “Pizza,” so that no one gets confused about that it’s for.


pridajte si na vašu nástenku


Hmmmm so who is getting this for Christmas. lol Maybe Felton DIY: Cutting Board Bird Feeder: This is perhaps one of the most clever DIY's and funny idea's I have seen. I love it a cutting board bird feeder why didn't I think of that?


I like the cheese cloth idea better, this rubber thing looks hard to put back in. If you like this brush, Here's a cheap DIY. put some cheese cloth on the brush and when it's full of hair just pull it off. - But seriously, whoever invented this brush is a

Xiaomi Mi Button

This little button plugs into the headphone jack on your phone, and pressing it will activate one of ten different functions, including snapping a picture without unlocking your phone.